British Blues Discography

This selective discography – updated (Version 5 – May 2024) is now available for download. The discography was first published by discographer Les Fancourt in 1989 and was last published in print in 1992.

The discography covers the late 1950s blues scene, through the R&B boom of the early 1960s, and onto to the British blues boom of the late 1960s.

A number of the bands and artists in the discography started out playing blues and R&B and many became rock stars in their own right.

This discography only contains details of British artists and the bands own recordings and omits their original recordings made with visiting US blues artists. These artists are covered in other published discographies notably The Blues Discography 3rd Edition.

Also featured are rare album covers, label shots of 45rpm releases, photos from the 1960s, a full page article on the British blues scene from Disc & Music Echo in 1968 and introduction by the late Neil Slaven,

In the photo pages are two CD box sets of British blues : ‘Crawling Up A Hill – A Journey Through The British Blues Boom 1966 – 1971’ on Grapefruit and Wienerworld’s ‘Something Inside Of Me – Unreleased Masters & Demos From The British Blues Years 1963-1976′ curated by Peter Moody. Both are highly recommended.

The British Blues Discography, which is a work in progress, will be updated – so readers, collectors and visitors to the site are encouraged to send corrections, additions, edits etc to the author Les Fancourt at the email address shown below. All contributions will be acknowledged.

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