B&R Issue #370

ARBEE STIDHAM: Jonas Bernholm’s 1981 interview with the R&B singer who recorded for RCA, Sittin’ In With, Checker, Abco & States.

DICK ‘CANE’ COLE: Interview with the influential Memphis DJ on WLOK by Jim O’Neal from 1987.

Robert Johnson associate SOL HENDERSON, great research by Bob Groom.

GOOD READIN’ TONIGHT: Ray Templeton on blues books – ‘The Ones That Got Away’.

Tribute To ART RUPE owner of Specialty Records by Billy Vera.

PLUS: Blues Records 3rd edition updates, D. K. Harrell, Henry Spaulding, Bobby Hendricks, Guitar Shorty, Glen Glenn, Jimmy McCracklin, Bobby Bland, Joe Simon, Ink Spots, Earl Hooker, Alan Freed, Charlie Musselwhite and much more.

B&R Issue #369 – Sorry! Sold Out!

BLIND ARVELLA GRAY: Great article by Cary Baker on the legendary Maxwell Street singer.

WILLIE BROWN: The first in Bob Eagle’s ‘Blues & Gospel Insights’ series.

HOWARD BIGGS: Another fine feature in Opal Louis Nations’ ‘Back Room Wizards’ series looking at R&B producers, songrwiters & arrangers.

GOOD READIN’ TONIGHT: Ray Templeton on the essential books you need for the complete blues library – this issue – ‘Gettin Creative With The Blues’.

JOHNNY SHINES: Rare photos of the great bluesman Johnny Shines by Bob Groom.

PLUS: Words, Words, Words by Chris Smith; Blues Discography 3rd edition corrections/updates; Mike Stephenson’s Young Bluebloods; Ernie Andrews, Milton Hopkins, Timmy Thomas, Pervis Spann, Willie Egan, Sam Cooke, Willie Mabon, Bo Diddley, Walter Brown.