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Blues & Rhythm, The Gospel Truth is published 10 times a year. Each issue contains in-depth articles, ground breaking interviews, discographies, regular feature columns and all the latest blues news, CD, DVD and book reviews.

Blues & Rhythm covers the full blues and R&B spectrum from pre and post war blues, rhythm and blues, doo-wop vocal groups, vintage soul and gospel and the contemporary blues scene.

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Still available B&R 342

GABRIEL – THE FLOCK ROCKER: Great R&B History. The first of a three part feature – interview with St. Louis DJ, recording artist, producer, label owner and promoter by Bill Greensmith.

CAJUN & ZYDECO ESSENTIALS: Ray Templeton’s digs deeper into the roots of cajun and zydeco music.

LARRY GARNER: The first in an occasional series of ‘Lost & Found’ interviews from the early 1990s by Neil Slaven.

FRANK VICK: Mike Stephenson interviews the Greenville, Mississippi drummer who played behind Howlin’ Wolf, Little Milton, Booba Barnes, Little Willie Foster and many others.

DAVE BARTHOLOMEW TRIBUTE: Billy Vera’s special tribute to the great New Orleans artist, songwriter and producer who died aged 100 recently.

PLUS: Dr. John – Mac Rebenack obituary by Neil Slaven; Chicago Downhome Blues Box Volume Two major review by Chris Bentley; John Broven’s ‘South To Louisiana’ revised/republished book reviewed by award winning cajun writer Nick Leigh;  Chicago Blues Festival by Mike Stephenson; Luther Jennings; Gary John Williams; Lil Buck Sinegal; Jesse Fuller; Eddie Vinson plus Chris Bentley’s Curiosities; Chris Smith’s Words, Words; Words; CD & Book Reviews

Still Available B&R #341

YOUNG JESSIE: Great Rhythm and Blues history on the great west coast vocalist by Seamus McGarvey in an interview from 1988.

CAJUN & ZYDECO ESSENTIALS: Ray Templeton’s new series kicks of with cajun music pioneer Amede Ardoin

ROBERT JOHNSON: Special review by Neil Slaven on the new Robert Johnson biography ‘Up Jumped The Devil’

CRYSTAL THOMAS: Scott M. Bock interviews a new blues star who’s new album is due on Dialtone

PLUS: Chris Albertson; Lou Johnson; Chuck Weldon; Eddie Tigner; Paul Orta; Cedric Burnside; Faye Adams/Joe Morris; Preston Epps; Bruce James; Kingfish; Joe Louis Walker plus Chris Bentley’s Curiosities; Chris Smith’s Words, Words; Words; CD & Book Reviews

Still Available B&R #340

THE RISE AND FALL OF ALADDIN RECORDS: Great R&B Music History by Billy Vera

THE BLUES COME TO TEXAS: Special feature by Ray Templeton on the newly published book from an unpublished manuscript by Paul Oliver and Mack McCormick

MYTHS & FALSEHOODS: D. Thomas Moon interviews musicologist Kip Lornell  on blues history.

STAX/VOLT UK TOUR 1967: Great photo-spread of original photographs by Neil Carter

CADILLAC BABY BOX SET PREVIEW: Tony Burke previews the forthcoming 4 CD box set of tracks from Chicago’s Bea & Baby, Keyhole & Miss labels.

WILLIE WINFIELD: Billy Vera pays tribute to a doo wop and vocal group legend who has just retired.

PRESTON FOSTER: Chris Bentley’s Curiosities column delves into the history of the man who wrote ‘Got My Mojo Working’

PLUS: Margaret Lewis; Hal Blaine; Fed Foster; Kent Harris; Cash McCall;  Juke Joint Festival; Lil Jimmy Reed; Mike Stephenson’s Under The Radar; CD Reviews including Johnny Shines; Malaco Gospel; Magic Slim and The Teardrops; Tommy Hunt

Still Available B&R #339

SOLOMON BURKE: ‘The King’s Comeback – The Remaking Of A Solomon Burke Classic’ – Unique, extensive and exclusive article written by producer Scott Billington.

ROBERT JOHNSON:  Final part of Gayle Dean Wardlow’s series on ‘Searching For Robert Johnson’.

THE MR. R&B TAPES – RED PRYSOCK: The first of a series of edited transcriptions of Jonas Bernholm’s audio tapes used for the sleevenotes of his Route 66 stable of reissue labels. Paul Williams interviews Red Prysock (more interviews more to come).

OFF THE WALL: Part Two of street posters from the Dave Williams Collection.

PLUS: Quintus McCormick; Eddie Taylor Jnr; Abb Locke; Chris Bentley’s Curiosities; Chris Smith’s Words, Words, Words; Mike Stephenson’s Under The Radar; CD Reviews including Mary Lane, Julia Lee, Bullmoose Jackson, Koko Mojo compilations.