B&R Issue #379 – Sorry! Sold Out!

Historic interview with R&B star PERCY MAYFIELD from 1969 by Barret Hansen and Art Rupe.

CHAMPION JACK DUPREE – another historic interview with Jack Dupree from 1968 by David Evans and Marina Bokelman about Jack’s piano pals.

Part Four of WEST FLORIDA R&B – A photographic history by Ken Benedict, Steve Gronda and Chris Bentley.

Mike Stephenson interviews LIL JIMMY REED.

TARY OWENS – Field Recordings In Central Texas 1964 – 1966 By Ray Templeton.

CHRIS SMITH’s Words, Words, Words.

Blues Youngbloods JACKIRUS SINGLETON by Mike Stephenson.

PLUS: David Dee, Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson, Chris Strachwitz, Errol Dixon, Robin Gosden, Arthur Williams, Craig Horton, Shakedown Blues, Wiliam Bell, Mack McCormick’s field recordings, Clarence Edwards, Muddy Waters, Frank Motley, Cyril Davies plus all our usual features.

B&R Issue #378 – Sorry! Sold Out!

Neil Slaven’s Lost & Found: SHERMAN ROBERTSON – Unpublished interviews from 1993 & 1995 with the much missed Texas bluesman who died in 2021.

Ray Templeton’s final instalment in his HISTORY OF BLUES MAGAZINES. This issue: Europe & Beyond.

Back Room Wizards: Opal Louis Nations looks at the career of R&B songwriter, producer and bandleader SAMMY LOWE.

Another historic interview from Cary Baker’s vaults with Florida R&B producer and record label boss HENRY STONE from 1972.

CASH BOX CLASSICS: Simon Evans looks at the R&B world of 1953 through the pages of the US publication Cash Box.

The third part in our six part feature of rare photos and memorabilia of WEST FLORIDA R&B from the 1940s and 1950s by Ken Benedict, Steve Gronda and Chris Bentley

PLUS: Huey ‘Piano’ Smith; Spencer Wiggins; Chuck Jackson; Lillian Walker Moss. Reviews include: Memphis Slim; King Kolax; John Primer; Johnny Ace; Howlin’ Wolf; Rusty & Doug Kershaw; Buddy Moss; West Florida R&B; King Curtis; Charlie Patton; Hound Dog Taylor; Washboard Sam plus all our usual features.