Cajun Records Discography

A discography of Cajun Records 1946 – 1989, compiled by Nick Leigh

This is the 10th and final edition (May 2024) of this award winning discography (now with over 100 pages with photos and rare label shots), with an introduction by Nick Leigh and foreword by John Broven, plus acknowledgements. The discography also has a review by Nick Leigh of the second edition of John Broven’s book ‘South To Louisiana’.

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Cajun Discography 1946-1989 (Edition 10 – May 2024)

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“What an extraordinary piece of research you’re doing. On behalf of all involved in the Cajun music field, thank you!” Johnnie Allan – South Louisiana music legend.

“Congratulations and thanks for producing the Cajun Discography! It’s an excellent piece of work and will provide yet another tool for anybody involved in American music discographical research.” Rob Ford – co-author of the ‘Blues Discography’ and the ‘Zydeco Discography’

“Congratulations on your Cajun Discography – looks magnificent.” Robin Gosden – co-founder and director of Flyright Records

“What a monumental work! I shall look forward to perusing it.” Opal Louis Nations – singer, actor, and music writer and author

“On line access is a great way for a discography to appear – you’ll be grateful to Nick for keeping track of Cajun records and for organizing it into this fine and thoughtfully prepared discography.” Dick Spottswood – in the journal of the Association For Recorded Sound Collections

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