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Blues & Rhythm covers the full blues and R&B spectrum from pre and post war blues, rhythm and blues, doo-wop vocal groups, vintage soul and gospel and the contemporary blues scene.

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BIG AL SEARS: Two great features on the legendary saxman! Dave Penny tells Big Al’s story. Plus From the Mr. R&B Tapes: Dick Lillard interviews Big Al – vintage interview from 1973.

GOOD READIN’ TONIGHT: The second in a new series by Ray Templeton on the books you need on to read on Blues, R&B and Gospel music.

VICTORIA SPIVEY: Giles Oakley’s article from 1976 which tied in with Giles’ legendary TV documentary ‘The Devil’s Music’

FRANKIE LEE SIMS: Michael Corcoran on the great Texas bluesman

DOWNHOME BLUES FROM MIAMI, ATLANTA AND THE SOUTH EAST: Neil Slaven’s review of the new box set from Weinerworld.

PLUS: Blues Records 3rd Edition Updates & Corrections;  Chris Smith’s Words, Words, Words; Mike Stephenson’s Under The Radar; Roy C; Rev John Wilkins; Lou Ragland; Roy Head; Guitar Crusher; A cappella Gospel; Ruth Brown; Barbara Lewis; Billy Boy Arnold; and much more.

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RENE HALL INTERVIEW:  Steve Propes interviews the great R&B  guitarist and session man on some of the great records he played on – from a radio interview on Steve’s show on KLON in 1988.

GOOD READIN’ TONIGHT: The first in a brand new series by Ray Templeton on the books you need on to read on Blues, R&B and Gospel music.

JAMAICAN R&B: Great feature by Jeremy Collingwood on US and homegrown R&B in Jamaica with lots of rare and historical label shots.

HENRY SPAULDING: Chris Smith looks at the recordings of this obscure pre-war recording artist.

THE DU-ETTES: Another great feature by Robert Pruter on rare Chicago R&B and Soul artists.

PLUS: Blues Records 3rd Edition Updates & Corrections;  Mike Stephenson’s Under The Radar; Helen Jones Woods; Hal ‘Cornbread’ Singer, Sterling McGhee; Eddie Daniels; Delores Washington; Vince Weber; Los Angeles Blues; Little Richard; Bobby Mitchell; Irma Thomas; James Booker; two competitions – and lots more.


JOHNNY OTIS: First instalment of a massive four part feature by Steve Propes on the entire career of Johnny Otis based on Steve’s interviews with Johnny himself and many R&B artists who were associated with him.THE DAYLIGHTERS

HENRY TOWNSEND: Art Shuna interviewed the great St. Louis bluesman for his radio show in 1993. The first of many unpublished interviews from Art Shuna WORT-FM show.

GOOD READIN’ TONIGHT: The second in a new series by Ray Templeton on the books you need on to read on Blues, R&B and Gospel music.

MARY LANE: Mike Stephenson interviews the great Chicago blues artist Mary Lane.

THE DAYLIGHTERS: Another great feature on rare and obscure Chicago R&B and soul artists by Robert Pruter.

PLUS: Blues Records 3rd Edition Updates & Corrections;  Chris Bentley’s Curiosities; Mike Stephenson’s first in a new series ‘Blues Young Bloods’ looking at new and up and coming blues talent. Rance Allen; Ferdie Gonzales; Len Barry; Sonny Green; Earl Bostic; Harry Smith B Sides and much more.


Still available B&R 353

THE BABY FACE WILLETTE STORY  : Bobby Tanzillo tells the ‘colourful’ story of the life and recording career of R&B and jazz organist Baby Face Willette who recorded for Blue Note, Vee Jay and Argo.

JAMES COTTON INTERVIEW: Another of Neil  Slaven’s ‘Lost & Found Series’ of unpublished interviews from the 1990’s.

THE RETURN OF DON BRYANT: Scott M. Bock interviews Hi star Don Bryant – currently on the comeback trail with two critically acclaimed albums.

FREE AT LAST: Ray Templeton previews an upcoming 3CD box set of post war gospel rarities

STUFF YOU DON’T SEE: Hans Schweitz’s rare photos from Hi Records 1972

PLUS: Mike Stephenson’s Under The Radar; Blues Records 3rd Edition Updates & Corrections;  Jaques Demetre; Tami Lynn; Rod Bernard; Peter Green; Bobby Jones; Chris Smith’s Words, Words, Words; Barrellhousin’ Around Chicago; R&B Instrumentals; Esther Phillips; Thurston Harris; Eddie Floyd;  Earl Scruggs; Dan Penn  and lots more. 

Still available B&R 352

THE LITTLE HOWLIN’ WOLVES: : Dave Williams chronicles the various blues artists who have associated themselves with Howling’ Wolf including Little Wolf’s etc;

JOHN MAYALL – ‘A BLUES LIFE’: Neil  Slaven previews a forthcoming mega box set on the father of the British blues.

GLORIA JEAN MANOR & THE ROLLETTS:  Tary Owen’s interviews Austin R&B bandleader Gloria Jean Manor. Who? Yes, highly obscure stuff – but a great insight into the Austin blues scene in the 1960s.

ZYDECO & CAJUN ESSENTIALS: Ray Templeton’s final instalment in this series looks at Cajun and Zydeco music in the UK. Ray will be back in B&R 354 with a brand new series of great writing and research.

THE FIVE DU TONES: More rare Chicago R&B and Soul by Robert Pruter. This time on the ‘Shake a Tail Feather’ vocal group

BLUES IN THE ALLEY: Peter Moody previews a new box set due soon on blues from Atlanta, Miami and the South Eastern States.

PLUS: Mike Stephenson’s Under The Radar; Blues Records 3rd Edition Updates & Corrections; Chris Bentley’s Curiosities; Jean DuShon; Gaynel Hodge, Frank Bey, Floyd Lee, Yvonne Baker,  Junior Wells Box Set, Robert Johnson biography, Mojo Buford, The Coasters, The Dubs,  Swamp Dogg and loads more. 

Still available B&R 351

JAMES RAY – THE LOST SOUL MAN: Mike Fenton recalls the short career of the New York based R&B singer – the definitive article on James.

THE JSP STORY PART TWO: Mike Stephenson interviews JSP boss John Stedman about his label and promotions in part two of a major  feature including Larry Garner, Johnny Rawls, Charlie Sayles, Otis Grand, Larry McCray, John R.T. Davies, Box Sets, DVDs, Rembetika and Old Time Music.

ZYDECO & CAJUN ESSENTIALS: Ray Templeton looks at traditional cajun music after the 1960s Newport Festivals  including Dewey and Will Balfa, Marc and Ann Savoy, Michael Doucet and BeauSoleil

LITTLE RICHARD: Full tribute article to the late Little Richard by Specialty Records author Billy Vera

PLUS: Words, Words, Words; The Blues Discography (3rd edition) Updates and Corrections; Mike Stephenson’s Under The Radar; Walter Scott, Young Jesse, Big Al Carson  Eddie Cooley, Bobby Lewis, Eli Murray, Mille Small, Earl Green, Jeanette Baker, Betty Wright, Lucky Peterson, Don Bryant, Rene Hall, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, News, Letters etc.