Still available B&R 342

GABRIEL – THE FLOCK ROCKER: Great R&B History. The first of a three part feature – interview with St. Louis DJ, recording artist, producer, label owner and promoter by Bill Greensmith.

CAJUN & ZYDECO ESSENTIALS: Ray Templeton’s digs deeper into the roots of cajun and zydeco music.

LARRY GARNER: The first in an occasional series of ‘Lost & Found’ interviews from the early 1990s by Neil Slaven.

FRANK VICK: Mike Stephenson interviews the Greenville, Mississippi drummer who played behind Howlin’ Wolf, Little Milton, Booba Barnes, Little Willie Foster and many others.

DAVE BARTHOLOMEW TRIBUTE: Billy Vera’s special tribute to the great New Orleans artist, songwriter and producer who died aged 100 recently.

PLUS: Dr. John – Mac Rebenack obituary by Neil Slaven; Chicago Downhome Blues Box Volume Two major review by Chris Bentley; John Broven’s ‘South To Louisiana’ revised/republished book reviewed by award winning cajun writer Nick Leigh;  Chicago Blues Festival by Mike Stephenson; Luther Jennings; Gary John Williams; Lil Buck Sinegal; Jesse Fuller; Eddie Vinson plus Chris Bentley’s Curiosities; Chris Smith’s Words, Words; Words; CD & Book Reviews