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On this page, each month, we publish samples of articles and features from Blues & Rhythm to give an idea of the content of the magazine.

The Mystery Of The Modern 78rpm 20-673 Release Of Gold Star 640 – ‘Tim Moore’s Farm’ by Chris Strachwitz

The St. Louis Piano Blues Of Walter Davis  by Guido van Rijn

Memphis Gospel & JCR Records by Tony Burke

Joe Liggins & Roy Milton Interviews by Dick Lillard

Mahalia Jackson photo/posters  by Willy Lieser

Roy Brown In Scandinavia 1978  by Jonas Bernholm

Henry Townsend interview by Art Shuna

Blues For Victoria Spivey by Giles Oakley

Henry Spaulding by Chris Smith

Free At Last: Ray Templeton previews a new 3 CD set of rare a cappella gospel quartet poet war recordings

Blues In The Alley: Pete Moody previews another forthcoming post war down-home blues box set featuring sides from the South East USA, Florida and Atlanta.

Little Richard Tribute: By Specialty Records author Billy Vera

Rare Chicago Soul & R&B : The Dukays by Robert Pruter

Texas Blues Tapes – Tary Owens Interviews with Bill Barnes and Hoss Nelson

The Other Big Joe Williams’ Bob Groom on the other pre war blues artists who called themselves Joe Williams

The Return of The Big Beat – Tony Burke looks at Bear Family’ (brand new but now alas deleted) Fats Domino Box set of Imperial and ABC Paramount sides.

A Load Of Bauls Mike Rowe on Big Joe Williams St. Louis acetate discs

Billy Vera on the background to his new book ‘Rip It Up – The Specialty Records Story’

Bea & Baby Records Box Set – By Tony Burke

Tribute to Dave Bartholomew  – By Billy Vera

Fantasies At The Crossroads – Gayle Dean Wardlow and Bruce Conforth’s biography of Robert Johnson ‘Up Jumped The Devil’ reviewed by Neil Slaven.

The Stax/Volt Tour of the UK 1967 by Neil Carter

The Blues & Beyond – Feature on Eddie C. Campbell by Giles Oakley

The Blues Discography – Third Edition  – Feature review by Phil Wight

Robert Johnson – First Part of a three part series by Gayle Dean Wardlow

Oscar Wilson  – Mike Stephenson interviews the Cash Box Kings singer

Willie Parker – Frankie Newsome by Robert Pruter – A great feature on rare Chicago Soul

Words, Words, Words by Chris Smith – Want to know the connection between Nugrape, Waterbury Watches and Girt Town with the Blues and R&B – look no further!

Areatha Franklin Tribute by Billy Vera

Korea War Box Set: Tony Burke reviews the new Bear Family 4 CD box set of blues, country, bluegrass and popular music connected with the Korean War.

Tough Enough – Pete Moody previews a new box set featuring rarities from New York and the East Coast

Post War Cajun 78 RPM Nuggets – Lyle Ferbrache’s wonderful feature with information and rare labels shots

The Joe Beard Story – Scott M. Bock interviews the much underated East Coast bluesman who befreiended Son House in the 1970s.

The Ru-Jac Records Story  – Tony Burke looks at the latst releases from the vaults of this Baltimore R&B and Soul Label

Off The Wall Part 4  – More rare memorablia this time from the George Moonoogian Collection.

Off The Wall Part 3  – Rare Blues and R&B Posters and Flyers from the Mitch Diamond Collection.

Fats Domino special three page tribute articile  – by Billy Vera

Shake ‘Em On Down – Mississippi Fred McDowell – Chris Smith looks at a new film on the great Mississippi Bluesman

A Day With Joe Bussard – D. Thomas Moon spends a day with the King Of Record Collectors

Polydor Juke Blues Series – by Ray Templeton – who always pays tribute to Mike Leadbitter

The Apollo Records Story – by Billy Vera

Chicago Downhome Blues – Fine Boogie Preview by Pete Moody

Chuck Berry – The Music & The Man by Neil Slaven

The Specialty Story – Ray Templeton looks at the classic 1980s reissue series

Bill Doggett Centenary by Bill Doggett II – great photo feature.

Rabbit Johnson – Part Three of Mike Rowe’s Detroit Blues Series

The UK Sun King – Focus on Larry Williams UK’s foremost Sun Records Collector Larry Williams  by Lyle Ferbrache

The Theo Huff – Interview By Mike Stephenson

The Beginnings Of Rock – The Genesis Box Sets – Ray Templeton looks at the pioneering box sets issued in the 1970s featuring rare sides from the Chess vaults.

The Selby Walsh Story Walsh – Dan Kochakian traces an obscure gospel artist

A Visit With Curtis Jones – Archive article from Bob Koester on meeting with Curtis Jones

Milwaukee Blues Today Part One – by Mike Stephenson

Plus download the B&R 310 pages 38 – 46 whicc suffered from an unfixable e-gremlin that snuck into our last issue in the printed edition by clicking here

Vido’s Boogie – The Vido Musso Story – by Dan Kochakian – plus download the full Vido Musso Discography 1936 to 1957 on pdf by Dan Kochakian by clicking here

B.B. King New Box Set of B.B.’s Modern, RPM and Kent Recordings on PVine. – by Tony Burke

B.B. King PVine Box Track List

Got To be Some Changes – Chris Smith looks at the new career spanning Staple Singers Box Set.

The Super Rare Doo Wop Box Set – Tony Waton’s overview of Rock Beat’s fantastic 4CD box set of classic and rare vocal group recordings from the 1940s and 1950s.

Origin Jazz Library – Ray Templeton Looks At This Pioneering Pre-War Blues & Gospel Reissue Series

 Organge Jefferson Interview by Scott M. Bock

Curtis Jones – republished 1964 interview by Neil Slaven

Tampa Red – Time To Reassess A Legacy? – by John Broven

B.B. Was In Tears At The End B. B. King’s Debut At London’s Royal Albert Hall, 1969

Lets Buzz A Long While – Neil Slaven on the new Bear Family Slim Harpo  box set

Lead Belly – The Smithsonian Folkways Collection  by Howard Rye

Rock Mr. Blues  – The Recordings of Wynonie Harris by Ray Templeton

Art Deco Blues – Tony Burke looks at the second Paramount set from Third Man Records

Too Much Monkey Business – Byron Foulger on the Bear Family Chuck Berry Box Set

On The Gospel Highway, In The Gospel Byways by Chris Smith

Blues Boy Hubbard by Scott M. Bock

The 5 Royales Box Set by Tony Watson

The Curtis Griffin Story – by Steve Propes

Lavelle White – by Scott M. Bock

The Willene Barton Story – by Dan Kochakian

Through The Looking Glass: A Personal Recollection – by Cedric J. Hayes

I Learned To Do It The Hard Way: Major Lee Burkes Interview – by Scott M. Bock

Remembering Tarheel Slim – by Peter B. Lowry

Tampa Red & Big Maceo – by Ray Templeton

Gene ‘Birdlegg’ Pittman – by Mike Stephenson

Memphis Slim in Paris – by Alan Swyer

Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland Tribute – by Billy Vera

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