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The European Blues Association – Non-profit organisation – resource for those interested in the historical past and the modern progression of the blues.

The Rhythm and Blues Foundation – Great organisation that helps the founders of rock music, runs awards ceremony and keeps the faith.

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland’s best tourist attraction!

Southern California Doo Wop Society – Non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of 1950s/ 1960s vocal group harmony and doo wop.

Stax Museum of American Soul Music – Memphis’s latest music museum dedicated to a great label.

Rocks Back Pages – massive on-line library of over 35,000 articles from the 1940s to the presetn from specialist music publications, newspapers, plus sound archives. Subscription only

Blues In Britain – monthly magazine covering UK-based blues artists and those touring the UK, reviews, gig list etc.

Blues World – US web site with some good research
resources, links to other sites, books, magazines, interviews etc.

Joe Bussard’s Vintage 78s – A hard-core 78 rpm fiend, Joe Bussard has spent a lifetime pursuing rare examples of early 20th century American music. His archive contains more than 25,000 obscure recordings from the golden age of old-time music.

Barry Levenson – visit this California-based guitarist’s web site, check out the vintage guitars and in-concert photos

Record Collector – the original and best record collectors magazine.

Cat Head – A one of a kind store in the Mississippi Delta. Cow bone chairs and blues CDs, photos of old blues players and warped faces made out of ceiling tin. Cat Head could only exist in the Mississippi Delta.

Record Connexion– Great Gospel site from the Netherlands with the accent on rare and collectable 45s and 78s

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