Blues & Rhythm was first published in July 1984 continuing the tradition of blues magazine publishing in the UK, which dates back to the early 1960s with magazines such as R&B Monthly, Blues World, Shout! and the daddy of all blues magazines, Blues Unlimited.

The origins of Blues & Rhythm Magazine lay in two magazines: the irreverent Sailor's Delight and Pickin' The Blues.

Sailor's Delight was predominantly a record sales and auction magazine selling 78s, 45s and albums published by Paul 'Sailor' Vernon. The magazine included spoof articles and genuine research on blues and r&b. Sailor's Delight ceased publication after seventeen issues when the first issue of Blues & Rhythm was being planned.

Pickin' The Blues, edited by Mark Harris, covered blues research, album reviews, blues news and gig reports. Pickin' The Blues ceased publication after issue number 25, allowing its outstanding subscriptions to be absorbed into a new magazine, Blues & Rhythm, The Gospel Truth.

Initially Blues & Rhythm was an A5 sized magazine, but by issue 19 we switched to A4 size. Blues & Rhythm now publishes ten times a year, using full colour with an average of 48 pages, with 20 pages of reviews.

Besides our main editorial team (Tony Burke, Tony Watson, Byron Foulger and Phil Wight) our writers, reviewers, researchers, photographers and critics include Mary Katherine Aldin, Mike Atherton, Chris Bentley, Norman Darwen, Bob Groom, Pat Harrison, Dan Kochakian, Peter Lowry, Eric LeBlanc, Opal Louis Nations, Paul Oliver, Dave Penny, Steve Propes, Neil Slaven, Brian Smith, Chris Smith, Mike Stephenson, Ray Templeton, John Broven, Paul Harris and Billy Vera.

The magazine stays faithful to its original intent, of publishing research, articles, discographies, interviews and comment relating to blues, R&B and gospel music in its many forms.

Our review section now also now encompasses other 'roots' music such as Western Swing, old timey, Tex Mex and early country.

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